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A mindful approach and effective strategies for managing your executive functions and for working with your neurodiversity. 
Therapy Sessions
The Approach

Lara works remotely with individuals who have a wide range of diagnoses, including but not limited to, ADHD, ASD, OCD, BPD, anxiety, and depression. 

Lara works with students and adults to build a foundation of understanding and awareness. She then helps to create individualized solutions for the executive function challenges students and clients are facing.

Working with Lara is more than learning strategies to manage time and tasks. It's relearning to value one's self and discovering techniques to navigate society in a way that works with every unique brain, instead of against it. 

About me

Lara (she/her) is the owner and founder of Task & Time Redefined. She graduated with a Bachelor of Education in 2010. She has been actively working with neurodivergent folks, of all ages, for the last 8 years. 

Lara is a certified Adhd Educator. 


As an Executive Function Coach, she has been studying executive functions and working with students to create practical strategies over the last four years. She is also taking part time classes at Thompson Rivers University as she pursues a degree in Psychology. 

She has been personally fighting the stigma of trauma, depression, and anxiety from a young age. She believes that everyone deserves a positive support network and someone who understands their day-to-day struggles.  


Academic Coaching

The purpose of Executive Function academic coaching is to help you learn and apply strategies to reach your educational goals.

We meet individually once a week to create plans, discuss barriers, learn new ways to work with your strengths and create a habit of accountability.  


When you are feeling stuck in limiting thoughts, executive function life coaching is to help you see your value. The intention is for you to be reminded of your strengths and to help you reach your goals. 


We meet individually once a week to create plans, discuss barriers, learn new ways to work with your strengths and create a habit of accountability.

Home Organization

Managing the ever-multiplying tasks at home is difficult, especially when your executive functions are wreaking havoc!

We meet individually to assess your priorities and discuss barriers to create a realistic plan and navigate overcoming unexpected circumstances.

The intention is to make your home functional, and it is to help you see how perfect imperfection can be



It can be eye-opening when you or someone in your family gets diagnosed as neurodiverse (like ADHD or ASD) or with other mental disorders like OCD or anxiety, but it's also just the start of the process. 

Executive function family harmony is designed to help the whole family become more aware of the struggles and limitations of the newly diagnosed person. It's a way for the family to come together and learn more about the barriers this person faces and discover ways everyone can work together to achieve harmony.

Are you ready for support?

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Are you having trouble starting or completing tasks or assignments?

  • Are you wondering how to prioritize your tasks?

  • Do you find yourself forgetting why you went to a room or what you just read?

  • Do you find it difficult to follow directions?

  • Do you feel uncomfortable or panicked when someone changes your routine or forgets to tell you about upcoming plans?

  • Do you feel like your emotions are getting in the way of accomplishing tasks or connecting with other people?

  • Do you find that sometimes you can focus for hours on end, but other times you can't focus at all?

  • Do people frequently tell you that your thoughts are disconnected and that your ideas don't relate to the conversation?

  • Do you find yourself constantly looking for everyday items like keys, wallet, phone, headphones, etc.?

  • Do you find yourself paralyzed when you have a commitment or appointment later in the day, unable to start any tasks until after the event is over?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you might benefit from executive function support. ​

Lara is a talented and gifted Coach.  She has worked with my 17 year old son for the past year and has gone above and beyond in all areas.  Not only has she become an integral part of my sons coping and management, she has become an integral part of our family’s peace and happiness.  
The level of professionalism and kindness is beyond compare.  I would highly recommend Lara for anyone struggling with their ADHD / executive functioning child.  

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