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Learning Strategist

Executive Function
Academic Coaching

As a former teacher and a lifelong student, I am both familiar with and highly invested in understanding what is going on behind the scenes for someone who thinks outside of the neurotypical box.

According to Dr. Adele Diamond, a leader in psychology and neuroscience fields, executive functions have been found to be more predictive of academic and career success than I.Q. or socioeconomic status. 

This means that in schools we should be focusing more on developing and strengthening the executive functions of every student rather than on trying to "fill their brains" with information. So far, we have fallen short of this mark. This is why so many students get into university or college and drop out within their first year. Their mind is filled with information, but they do not have adequate executive function skills to apply that information and stay on top of their tasks. It is doubly true for people with ADHD, ASD, BPD, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, or anyone with a neurodivergent diagnosis.

At the end of the day, what many people don't understand is that there is much more to being successful in school than just memorizing information and writing essays.

This is where I come in. Working with me in a compassionate, non-traditional way, we learn:

  • Planning and calendar management

  • Time management

  • How to navigate task initiation - getting started

  • How to optimize sustained attention - staying focused

  • Studying tricks and techniques specifically designed for neurodivergent folks, and those who are struggling to implement traditional strategies

  • What to do about transitions - switching between tasks

  • How to incorporate strategic breaks

  • How to regulate emotions

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