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Image by Hannah Busing


After working with many students and their parents, I have found that most families want to help their newly diagnosed parent, sibling, child, partner, etc. Knowledge is power and the more information you and your family have, the more you will be able to support each other.

So how does it work?


  • Connect with me and book a meeting. This can happen weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly depending on need and schedules. 

  • Sometimes families like to email me in advance with specific concerns. I welcome this interaction as it gives me specific topics to cover in the meeting.

  • When we meet, it can look like a family meeting where anyone in the family is welcome to join. Alternatively, parents/guardians may choose to meet me by themselves. 

  • I will address specific topics or concerns, or we will talk about executive functions in general and how they are affecting the neurodivergent person or person with a learning disability. We also discuss how the situation consequently affects the rest of the family.

  • This is an opportunity for everyone to learn how to respect each other's boundaries, how to use "I" statements and to speak only for one's self, and how to be a bit more compassionate towards each other. 

  • We will learn a strategy for communication, organization, time management or other relevant executive functions, and we will make a plan for practice and accountability.

  • In the following meeting, we will check in to see how the plan worked, adjust if necessary, and if everyone is ready we will tackle new information and strategies.

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